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Comic 886 – “Elder Geeks”


Errol: It was an awesome podcast, and I had so much fun chatting with Seattle Geekly that it went for almost three hours. Uh, I hope they were ok with that.

And if you’d like to listen to the podcast, you can find it on their site! Huzzah! I sound like a freak again.

Debs: Man…I have to figure out how I can make comments on these now that I’m working. Errol’s usually finishing ’em after I go to bed, and there are parts of the WordPress phone app that just don’t make it easy. And yes, I was highly amused listening to all of this.

7 Responses to Comic 886 – “Elder Geeks”

  1. LOL I understand that feeling when we can geek out and someone gets what we’re saying because they lived through it too.

    we just had a one day blizzard run through our town yesterday…I kept expecting to see White Walkers out there!

  2. Dear Debs,
    The WordPress app doesn’t work. It sucks.
    Sincerely, Meli

    In other news, okay… so you’ve got the elder geeks and the geeks. Are there adolescent geeks?

  3. >.> I am so not telling anyone how many MTG cards I have….

    Though I will admit my geekiness, and say I went to the Homelands release event. Totally amazing. Got Richard Garfield’s autograph, got to meet some amazing people, she the best Hurloon Minotaur jacket ever, and got to play The Great Dalmuti. I started with MTG in early Revised (3rd edition to you newbies), and do have a few beta lands. 🙂