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Comic 889 – “Farewell, OryCon!”


Errol: And that’s it! Bye Bye, Orycon! Thanks so much for the fond memories. I wish I could have included all of them, because there were MANY people we met, there were many panels we did, and a lot more memories that I couldn’t put all down. Ah well. I have a document. I guess we should have done a blog.

9 Responses to Comic 889 – “Farewell, OryCon!”

  1. Ha, like a married couple…except you’re not married but still act like you’re married…am I making any sense?

  2. If you guys come to Ota… maybe one of you should room with my group : sweat bead:

  3. Huzzah for the Orycon comics! It was great to meet you both – and, you know, there is a really cool convention in Seattle called Norwescon. Which has a nice music track.

    Just sayin’ 😀