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Comic 893 – “Newsletter”


Errol: We have a newsletter! We talk about things in the newsletter, like our shows, our videos! Sometimes, we put up an exclusive comic. Join! Be part of the nerd kids!

Debs: Was it my responsibility? It probably was. But the plugin we were using was SO FRUSTRATING! MailChimp is just so much better! I could send newsletters all the time now. And it’s also cool because we can track things like open rates! I think 44.5% is pretty good for a newsletter 😀

Also, this is post #1111 on the site, so make a wish! Or maybe post #1112. Make a wish anyway.

Errol: “Send newsletters all the time now”… right… 

11 Responses to Comic 893 – “Newsletter”

  1. Ha Mailchimp…now you put the idea of Chimps flinging mail around the Internet in my head Your Highness. a nice way to start the day 🙂

    No cookies for you Court Jester…you’re heartless….again…not everyone knows the ways of the Dark Side. LOL