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Comic 892 – “Locked”


Errol: Yes, we’re talking about our Sherlock song again. Debbie’s mom really liked it. And Pop Mythology wrote about it as well, a tad bit surprised at my ‘darker’ side.

And yes, I totally envision Debs in a 1930’s jazz club singing this. ^_^ That’d be awesome.

Anyway. The 900th comic is coming up in a week. I know I said we were going to do something else, but we’re not now. So. Who’s up for reader submissions?


Umm…this was a real conversation over Facebook chat that I had with my mom, who has never watched Sherlock. She couldn’t believe Errol wrote the song and was all, “He watches things? Where skin shows?”

18 Responses to Comic 892 – “Locked”

  1. I just listened to the song, it’s nice!

    I am not a fan of that episode, but the song is great 🙂

    • Debs : It’s been a while since I’ve watched it but here’s a summary of my thoughts (spoilers follow for anyone who hasn’t seen it).

      1. Irene Adler’s character, while starting off as a fresh take on the classic Irene Adler, slowly spiralled into the classic cliched Moffat cookie cutter female character that he’s so fond of writing – she starts off interesting and independent but falls haplessly (as in totally haplessly) for Awesome Hero – just like River Song. In the end he saves her which makes Sherlock look kinda sorta sweet but it deflates her character who was Sherlock’s intellectual equal in the book. The frustrating thing about this is that it only takes a little bit of tweaking to make her more compelling, and I guess “dammit you almost had it” is more annoying than “totally off-base”.

      2. The plot and pacing was all over the place. Irene goes to the trouble of faking her death, then suddenly shows up at 221B and decides to just hang out instead of laying low or disappearing. It felt totally bizarre.

  2. Loved the song and the “ahhh” sound at the end was perfect LOL I want to see Irene return at some point in the series since they’re making this Holmes more human

    All shall be well Your Highness Debs Yes parents love embarrassing their children, enjoy it while you can. Oh and Court Jester Errol…feel free to run…I’m certain Her Highness will have a few words for you 😛 LOL

  3. Wow.


    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the next original album. The parodies are great, but your original work is soaring!

    It’s fantastic to see how much you guys are stretching and expanding, artistically, both in composition and execution.

    Plus, soon we’ll all be able to act so cool and be like, “Yeah, I used to listen to D&E before EVERYONE ELSE found out about them. Now, they’re famous, appearing on Kimmel, and hanging out with Beyoncé–Yeah, they’re okay, I guess.” *takes long, soulful drag on cigarette* “It used to be about the GEEK STUFF, man. What happened to them?” *cries*

    That would be fun. 🙂

    • High compliments indeed, good sir! We’ll turn Beyoncé geek, you see if we don’t 🙂 I wonder how many songs we have for the next album so far.