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Comic 895 – “Songs of the 21st Century”


Errol: Tonight, An Evening at the Merril. All sorts of Filk and Geekiness! If you’re in Toronto, you should come! ^_^

7 Responses to Comic 895 – “Songs of the 21st Century”

  1. Well, it’s basically been confirmed that “Songs of the 21st Century” means “songs WRITTEN IN the 21st century,” which I’ve got to admit is how I’m interpreting it. So that’s, you know, all of your songs.

    In other words, you’re taking this WAY too seriously.

  2. Wheatley also fits- and you can cover “Still Alive” as well, even by your more stringent criteria…

    Edit: also anything about NaNoWriMo probably qualifies.

    • Hee hee… Debs problem is that “Wheatley” and “Still Alive” is sung by Debs and only Debs. ^_^

      We could even do “1st Page of My Story”, still sung by Debs. I think we should do that one!

      • During that live concert on Youtube thing a year ago, you guys sang “Still Alive” together at the end. I’m sure that you can fit Errol into the harmonies somehow.

  3. thus summing up the dynamics of “Debs and Errol” LOL I understand where both of you are coming from on this. Her Highness probably doesn’t want to run herself ragged voicewise which is why she wants the Court Jester to carry his half vocally. I’m certain she’ll listen to reason and all shall be well.

    ps. Forgive this humble servant if he’s offended you Your Highness 😛