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Comic 905 – “Monkeyman Rehearsal”


Errol: Hah! We are going to some songs we haven’t done in previous Monkeyman Productions before! I think we are, anyway. I can’t remember. If you’re in Toronto, you have to come to the show! This weekend and next! Will be fun! Kari Maaren will be there! BUY TICKETS!

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Vote Copy Red LeaderTatooine Blues
Vote Kari MaarenKids These Days
Vote The Blast ProcessorsWe Ride
Vote Press Start 2 Play8-Bit Memory
Vote Debs & ErrolGeek Love Song

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5 Responses to Comic 905 – “Monkeyman Rehearsal”

  1. Hey, so, do you guys see any sort of count on your end for the votes?
    Just curious. I haven’t seen anything that looks like a count…

    Viva la Geek!
    Viva la Debs and Errol!
    Viva la Punch Errol in the Face Song!
    Viva la Sorry Bout That Errorl!

  2. Comic Errol and Her Highness go to Non Couple Therapy next week…it doesn’t end well for someone…poor Comic Errol, we hardly knew him. oh god the horrors…or the comedy…maybe I should write that. Imagine the song that comes out of that.

    All shall be well Your Highness.