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Comic 906 – “Fulltime”


Errol: Poor Debs! We had to rehearse for the new song! And our gig with Monkeyman Productions is TONIGHT!

Debs: I can’t remember the last time I got home as early as 6. That would be cool.

Errol: If you’re in Toronto, you have to come to the show! This weekend and next! Will be fun! Kari Maaren will be there! Manda wrote a play! Remember Dale from NaNoMusical? He’s directing a play! Remember Kelsey, the director for NaNoMusical? She is directing a play too!  BUY TICKETS!

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3 Responses to Comic 906 – “Fulltime”

  1. I was there for at least part of this conversation, or maybe Debs had another version of it with me as well as Errol. I can’t remember because I’m tired too. Oh, Debs, with your nine-to-five job and your ability to go home in the evening and be properly tired for a few hours before bedtime! I would like to invite you into a world of pain and despair I like to call “dawn to midnight marking.” You know what I’ll be doing during the Monkeyman thing? I’ll be FEELING GUILTY BECAUSE PERFORMING IS NOT MARKING. I also feel guilty because eating, sleeping, practising personal hygiene, and taking necessary breaks aren’t marking. Neither is writing this comment.

    I tell you all this not to start a Complaint Contest but so that your own situation will seem happy and free by comparison. Fly, little nine-to-five bird. Soar off into a sky madeof HAPPINESS. My metaphors get strange when I’m tired.

    (And yes, I do know you have work to do in the evening too. I’m just being silly because procrastination is fun.)

  2. My only reasoning is this…Errol isn’t human…I’m going with T-1000…whenever he has time, he turns into silver glob and sits in a bucket also like Odo from DS9. Even for 5 minutes, this probably recharges him so he can keep going.

    I’ve been working overnights for 12 year which includes weekends and holidays. That takes a different type of determination So all shall be well Your Highness 🙂

    • I have a short recharge time, yes. That helps a lot. ^_^ In fact, it doesn’t even occur to me that people need to recharge…