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Comic #910 – “Dear #Searchlight Bands”


Errol: First off, can you send us a picture of you with #VoteGeek? That’d be awesome. Will we use it in public? Yes. Yes we will. Just send it to our email please:

Second off, there were two reader submissions. My apologies, we didn’t get a chance to ramp up to this. I blame Debs. ^_^

In the meantime, Meli wrote and sang us a song! Huzzah!! Thanks so much Meli! ^_^

Debs: Wow. <3 <3 Really Meli. Wow.

And Lore Hera has a comic for us! She teases Debs in it. It’s amazing!

Debs: Hehe, it’s like the script for it came right out of Errol’s mouth!

#VoteGeek For #Searchlight!

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2 Responses to Comic #910 – “Dear #Searchlight Bands”

  1. An Imperial Geek Empire, is that what you’re ruling Darth Errolious? We see through your plans now…how long has Debs been your Apprentice? My loyalty is to democracy, to Freedom!

    Has that been the plan for 3 years…aka the length of the Clone Wars…is Darth Errolious close enough to his plans of world conquest? Is Her Highness in on it? To be continued!…. 🙂

  2. Awesome song, Meli.

    And Errol – Have you been secretly watching Survivor. That is such the kind of tactic you see there. (My mom loves that show, she made me watch most of the seasons with her.)