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Comic #911 – “#Searchlight Obsession”


Errol: First off, can you send us a picture of you with #VoteGeek? That’d be awesome. Will we use it in public? Yes. Yes we will. Just send it to our email please:

And yes, I made a parody video for #Searchlight.

Debs: *headdesk*

#VoteGeek For #Searchlight!

We made easy buttons for you:

VOTE_Button_DAE VOTE_Button_CRL VOTE_Tweet

5 Responses to Comic #911 – “#Searchlight Obsession”

  1. a geek who went to the Dark Side…that’s never happened before…..I can only wonder if the other bands went as insane as Errol…we can only hope Errol never meets another hyper person like that..Canada can’t handle it 😛

  2. I don’t know which was more distracting, the screen reflections in your glasses, or the Debs shirt, lol. But it was a fun video!