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Comic 918 – “Good Friday”


Errol: A bunch of guys at my church were wanting to dress up for Easter Sunday. I want to wear my bow tie and blazer. I don’t know if I can convince my wife of it. I promised to leave the sonic screwdriver home though!

Debs: Happy Good Friday, peoples! It’s my first day off since I started working full time. Cool beans. I’ll probably spend it working on taxes though…

6 Responses to Comic 918 – “Good Friday”

  1. to both Comic and Real Errol, leave the sonic screwdriver at home…this weekend’s too serious to many to mess with even as a joke. I have tonight off but will be working the rest of the weekend 🙁 However I’m watching Doctor Who tonight with my date.

  2. Not so sure what is Good about this particular Friday… (Is at work, is not feeling good, and has a looooong weekend up ahead, very little of which will be anything even vaguely resembling fun)

    Happy whatever you celebrate to whomsoever celebrates anything.

  3. I’m being a terrible nerd pedant but Doctor Who is the name of the show, not the character. The main character is called the Doctor.

    I tried to hold it in I swear but it came out. Doctor Who is serious business. 😐

      • Oh! Yes! If it makes you feel any better, if we were to do a fan film of the show, we’d stay closer to the nomenclature.

        However, I’ve now had to explain my sonic screwdriver enough times that it’s easier to say “Doctor Who” than “It’s the Doctor’s”. ^_^