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Comic 917 – “/geekfactcheck”


Errol: When SWG told me about this, I panicked. I went online to verify that his claim was true, and it was.

I was crestfallen. However, I also have the Activision Version on my ipad and I checked it, and from what I can see, the first part is correct. This made me happy. And relieved.

Too much drama for one day.

6 Responses to Comic 917 – “/geekfactcheck”

  1. ROFL!!!

    I’m assuming it’s some tweaks with the online version and not the true original.
    As Uber-Geeks I knew you would have taken care of the tiny details like that. 🙂

    Though I wonder if any random encounters were written into the original Zork that would cause someone a different scenario…like, the Troll wasn’t always standing in the same place or something like that?

    Hmmmm…deep thoughts.

    The “great disturbance” line is perfect. Well played, Debs & Errol.

    • The breaking of the third and fourth panel walls is also pretty awesome way to show how potentially upsetting this was.