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Comic 922 – “FKO Prep”


E: We’re off to FilkONtario this weekend! I sure I get my knitting prepared by then, but I don’t see when I’ll be able to do that.

9 Responses to Comic 922 – “FKO Prep”

    • Some of us bring work that is not knitting. I, for instance, will have some infernal marking with me, but I’ll also have comics to work on. And yes, I can listen and draw at the same time.

      • I sense it’s whom you inflict that excitement on that has everyone say we say, concerned….find the knitting…. use the knitting….and all shall be well

  1. Take video. preferably two camera angles. That cut at different times! (Or better yet, two camera angles recording continuously)

  2. FKO. Take video. with 2 cameras at once. Set up in different places. It makes for smoother video editing.