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Comic 923 – “Manga”


Errol: During the Simian Showcase, we got to see Michael again, whom we met at our very first Simian showcase three years ago! He lives in Japan and got me the Totoro Manga! There were four volumes! It’s awesome! ^_^

Manda: I taped my show for a couple of friends who didn’t get to see it :D. But it’s on the camera’s internal memory, which is not with me alas! I miss watching it every night! And there’s a TOTORO MANGA?!

And I totally read this comic and got excited that Errol might have uploaded the vid…but then I remembered…Totoro manga…

6 Responses to Comic 923 – “Manga”

  1. Of course there’s a Totoro Manga… Rule 0079: If it is Japanese, there is Manga of it…

  2. I like that last line…rule one of dealing with either Errol, “DON’T FEED HIM SUGAR!!”

  3. Rule one: The doctor lies.
    Rule two: Errol gets no sugar after midnight. Specifically midnight of June first, 1975.

    I have the Howl’s Moving Castle Manga, I will have to look for Totoro next time I am in Japan. That is, next time I am in the Japan that happens to be in Orlando Florida. Which is slightly less odd than Paris Texas.