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Comic 924 – “Notable”


Errol: All I really want is our pic to show up on the side when you search Debs & Errol in google. ^_^

Let’s hope that our Debs & Errol Wikipedia page sticks and no one deletes it!

8 Responses to Comic 924 – “Notable”

  1. Internets…is Errol asking too much?
    Are you not entertained by D&E?
    Can they not have a side photo after a Google Search?
    Are they not notable?
    Is not writing a daily comic notable enough?

  2. In the meantime, Wikipedia is apparently attempting to remove all the filkers, whom it claims are not notable because they’re never mentioned in the mainstream press.

  3. She is the Princess Debs! Of course she’s notable! Kneel before her peasants! and before to throw rotten food at the Court Jester Errol for his grave insult her Her Highness 😛

  4. Best way to prove that you’re no table is to get rid of all furniture… 😛