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Comic 929 – “Hoomda”


Errol: Some of you may have seen this on Manda’s facebook wall. Well, I figured I should make it into a comic.

I’ve been quiet as of late on the internets! Sorry, I’ve been tired and working a lot on! If you’re not part of our mailing list, you may want to sign up. 

Manda: This was a phone conversation in real life. And yes, that exact thing happened as soon as I hung up the phone and left for work ten minutes later. The man is a trend setter.

7 Responses to Comic 929 – “Hoomda”

  1. I stick with GottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGoGottaGo

  2. Hoooooooooodorrrr.. huh, I never watched enough of the TV series to see him but I have a clear recollection from the audiobooks.