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Comic 933 – “Feeling Weird”


Errol: Whew. The last two days have been insane. It’s weird feeling bombarded, I’m usually the one doing the bombarding. Oh, and this is NOT me being passive aggressive, so for some of you that like to blame yourself, it’s not you.

There has been a number of cool things that have been coming up and it’s a lot of things to juggle in my head. ^_^

The good news is, I’m playing Ocarina of Time with my eldest. Awesome!

Debs:Aww, I’m sorry Errol. I made you respond to the media emails I sent out – but that’s because I had to do stuff for my part-time job. Woot, we are in a tornado of codes and cards and emails and songs! Whooooooooooooooooosh! I need sleep!

8 Responses to Comic 933 – “Feeling Weird”

  1. As cool as the idea is, I was worried you guys would become overwhelmed! Well, I guess any reason to play Zelda is a good one, anyway!

    • Aww, we’ll be ok. We are able to outsource a bit and we’re letting the bands do the work of updating their own pages. But it’s just an awful lot. I’m supposed to be apartment hunting too. :p

  2. well I’m going to assume both of you know what you’re doing…of course I’m fully expect a humorous strip of one of you having a nervous breakdown..but so far Errol’s method actually works.. time out, recharge and then reattack

      • nervous breakdown no…startled, shocked, befuddled, confused, exhausted, nervous, on edge…yes…..but no breakdown yet…

  3. I do freak out, yes :D. But generally, I know when to take a step back and give myself a break. I wouldn’t be able to do plays, write articles and work a full time job otherwise :D. Take care you two! Good job so far!