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Comic 932 – “”


Errol: Yes! We have launched a new endeavour to help Canadian geek band and geek band listeners! Check out and if you can think of a geeky band, please, do tell us!

It also have a Canadian Con List as well as a list of Geeky blogs! A lot of those YOU helped research for us. Thank you so much!

And if you see us at a con, ask for a download card! We are giving them away (you newsletter folks would have gotten one though!)

Debs: I’m so freaking paranoid about sending email campaigns so they take me forever! I do really get a kick out of the Bandcamp download code mail merge function thing though. I emailed a whole bunch of our favourite media friends and roped Kari in to helping on the Twitter. Huzzah 🙂 Let the music be spread far and wide!

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