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Comic 939 – “Nerd Mafia Meets Geekbands”


Errol: Oh man, it was awesome! Nerd Mafia pub meetup was last night, and Sally, who helps run the Nerd Mafia, suggested we focus on! So I invited all of them, and a whole slew of them showed up and I got to meet them for the very first time and it was all awesomeness! ^_^

And we did our raffle and Anja won and we got a picture with her! All of us! It was good times. ^_^

And Debs was there! It was awesome to see Debs there. It’s like being a parent who has a spouse that no one else sees because they’re too busy. But she was there and she’s the one that makes D&E legit. It was a good night.

4 Responses to Comic 939 – “Nerd Mafia Meets Geekbands”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. For some reason, it seems like there’s more geeky fun stuff going on in Toronto than anywhere else!

    • We’re looking for geeky stuff from elsewhere for, but we’re having a hard time finding any, probably because we’re based in Toronto.

  2. Geek bands in San Dimas are sorely disappointed and feeling left out…
    …but are super happy for their Canadian counterparts!!

  3. is this a comedy or a tragedy? Shakespeare would have fun with the two of you lol Good to hear both of you had fun 🙂