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Comic 940 – “Basement Dweller”


Errol: We went for sushi before Nerd Mafia last Monday. It was good to see Amy, who doesn’t speak in the comic. Manpans would be the perfect super villain, because she keeps revealing what her weaknesses are. ^_^

Manda: It WAS good to see Amy! And yes…I’m an idiot…

It was definitely one of those “Good lord, you actually do these things to yourself, don’t you?” moments. One does not simply walk into Mordor, and by that, I mean that one does not simply reveal one’s weaknesses in front of Errol.

7 Responses to Comic 940 – “Basement Dweller”

  1. so for at least a while, some of the comic will focus on the torture of Manpans at the hands of the demented Errol. This will be concluded in comic form of Errol being restrained for his own good and defeated by whomever Manpans can recruit to help her. ha!

      • Others, however, might mail you vast quatities of duct tape to restrain Errol with when it all gets too much…

      • no Errol…free duct tape doesn’t equal happy Errol… duct tape equals Errol probably watching as everyone plays with your geeky stuff without you joining in…then something accidently gets broken…a geek’s worse nightmare šŸ™

  2. One not only walks into Mordor, one dashes in with theme music blaring and shouts, “Do your worst, Sauron!”