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Comic 951 – “Yesterday”


Errol: I bought this game when it came out and then haven’t had a chance to touch it since Feb, 2013. And now, we can play again! Poor Manpans, we’re always down in her apartment playing games are watching things.

Manda: I have been a week in my new place! And yes, so far there have been a couple of visits from Errol and his daughters to watch Doctor Who and play video games. It’s good to start them again! I wrote a blog :D. And to be fair, I have been up to his place to watch them play Zelda or eat muffins. So it’s a good trade.

5 Responses to Comic 951 – “Yesterday”

  1. Am I the only one completely confused by this comic? I don’t even know if it means yesterday’s comic, or yesterday in real life… He didn’t explain why he bit Kari’s butt? I feel like I missed something.

    • Don’t worry Kristi, I was confused too and had to read the comic about 3 times to finally understand it :D. It was about the biting Kari’s butt thing, yes