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Comic 952 – “Icecream Outings”


Errol: Poor manpans. She posted a facebook post about me texting her to come up to join us. She didn’t mention this part. ^_^

Manda: It was Errol inviting me out with the rest of his family! What if the rest of the family wasn’t okay with it?! IT’S GOOD TO CHECK THESE THINGS!

7 Responses to Comic 952 – “Icecream Outings”

  1. It was the whole family going? That makes total sense then! I would feel the same way, Manda.

    Errol: I eat dirt to help with my dairy issues.

    • It was the whole family going, and also another person who is living with us.

      Furthermore, this isn’t the first time we dragged her out for icecream.

      Secondly, my kids have been in her apartment on a daily basis.

      If anyone is imposing… it’s us. ^_^

  2. ahhhh….as much fun as it can be, when it comes down to it, Errol is your landlord and money often can strain friendship. I can see the concern