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geekbandsbannerHi Everyone,

May the Fourth be with you! First off, thank you so much for all of your support of our #VoteGeek campaign during CBC’s Searchlight contest. It was so exciting to make it to the regional semifinals, and while the ride stopped there for us, we learned something incredibly valuable: geeky musicians should stick together!

So we’ve decided to keep the party going. In collusion with a whole bunch of other artists, we’re launching a brand new project:! It’s a database of Canadian geek musicians that will help you discover more artists and bands just like us! And who doesn’t want more music?

But that’s not all! To celebrate the site going live, we have put together a sampler of 8 songs by Nerds with Guitars, Debs & Errol, Copy Red Leader, Kari Maaren, The Blast Processors, Kraken Not Stirred, Press Start 2 Play, and Peter Chiykowski. This is available to buy on Bandcamp, but if you catch us at a Convention, we’ll give it to you for free! Ha!

You can join also GeekBands on Facebook and Twitter below:

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We have plans to spread Canadian geek music far and wide!  Want to help? Drop us a line, especially if you’re going to any conventions in the near future! If you know of any other Canadian geek bands, we will add them to the directory! Please tell us in the comments below!

We hope you enjoy these artists as much as we do!

2 Responses to Launched!

  1. Joined on Facebook and followed on Twitter. Will also share and tweet! In return, someone from one of these bands adopt me so I can get Canadian citizenship, lol.