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May the 4th be with Who

2014MayThe4th_DAE _1024

Errol: That’s right, folks… I went there. I made the pun even worse. Yes, it’s not May 4th yet, but who checks this site on Sunday anyway? I sure don’t. Heck, I don’t even know if Debs checks it on the weekdays let alone the weekends. ^_^ I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

5 Responses to May the 4th be with Who

  1. That’s an awesome banner! May the Fourth be with Who too. Always. 😉

  2. Need we remind you that Her Jedi Highness holds the lightsaber which means Errol must tread carefully lol

    • He doesn’t need to tread too carefully, considering that a sonic screwdriver serves as a near-universal off switch…

      • I would almost agree, however once the lightsaber was shorted out, seconds later Her Jedi Highness would then use the Force and probably bounce something heavy off the Court Jester’s head, leaving him on the floor.