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Comic 957 – “Band Business”


Errol: This is why money in Paypal and Humble Indie Bundles is a bad combination. ^_^ I want to make a quick game and it looks like Kari, Manda and Mark Lindan will help! I hope so, because it’d be fun!

And yes, I want Debs to be the main character.

 Debs: I’m confused but sure?

9 Responses to Comic 957 – “Band Business”

  1. Titles in the Game Series:

    Debs and Errol and the Very Deadly Squirrel
    Debs and Errol and the Search for the Troubled Tribble
    Debs and Errol and the Stark Raving Mad Game Designer

    C’mon everybody! Add your possible game titles here!


    p.s. What program are you going to use to create this? There’s a good one called GameMaker that has a free version of the program to get started on.

    • We are going to us RPG maker, but not make an RPG.

      I used to teach GameMaker ever since GM 5.0 ^_^

      I REALLY liked Construct 2, though, but there were too many assets I had to make on my own.

      So we’ll see how RPG maker will do!

  2. Debs and the Search for Errol’s self control
    Debs saves the World from Errol’s Madness

    or the game where Deb runs around trying to find Errol only to discover he’s in another Room, each level’s ending similar to the last with someone saying “Sorry Debs but Errol’s in another Room!” ps…the game never ends…

    • “Search for Errol’s self control” – wait… I had it at one point in time? ^_^

      And Debs probably wouldn’t be searching for me!

  3. Debs and Errol: The computer game
    Debs and Errol 2: The wrath of Manda
    Debs and Errol 3: The search for chips
    Debs and Errol 4: The voyage to the concert
    Debs and Errol 5: The Errol frontier
    Debs and Errol 6: The Undiscovered knitting

      • Not the greatest idea- she gets inspiration from classic fairy tales, etc. and most of the material she could draw upon would make the game even less suitable for young audiences…