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Comic 958 – “Birthday Dinners”


Errol: There’s this quest in ‘Ni No Kuni’ where you have to find an earring in one of the many pots that litter one of the towns. Now, we did this quest back in February 2013, over a year ago.

However, we wanted to start from scratch and we get to this quest again. And lo and behold, I remember the location of this stupid earring.

But just last night, I was all gung ho about playing ‘Ni No Kuni’ again, and Manda had to remind me that I had a birthday dinner to go to.

I think it’s age.

Manda: The first part of that conversation actually did happen last night, yes. And his memory of that not even a little important mini-quest confounds me. I think his eldest daughter was also hoping he’d forget. She loves playing games.

2 Responses to Comic 958 – “Birthday Dinners”

  1. lol I’ve had those moments too…our memories do the weirdest things to us

  2. I just beat the genie last night!!! Sooo easy…. Mind you, I’m also way more leveled up than I should be. 😛