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Comic 963 – “Queueing Theory”


Errol: On friday morning, I went to the music store with Kari. I bought a Melodica, and then we went to the park and played the Melodica. After that, I went off to get a hair cut and finally picked up my new glasses.

Then I tried to nap before the show. ^_^ I think my brain gets reset after naps…

2 Responses to Comic 963 – “Queueing Theory”

  1. the Doctors will have fun examining your brain won’t they?? answer so many questions, that will

  2. Alternatively, Errol’s brain is like the research system in a Sid Meier’s game and can only work towards one goal at a time… On a side note, we need to create a game of that style where Errol could spend his time researching Totoro or Miyazaki.