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Comic 964 – “Melodica”


Errol: Surprisingly enough, I don’t get nervous on stage. Now of course, it’s the dynamic of our band: Debs is the talented one, I’m the goofball. So if I make a mistake, no big deal. She’s supposed to be the good one. ^_^ Poor Debs.

Manda: I actually did get nervous, and I admitted as much the other day to Errol. I don’t know what it was exactly. About five minutes before they were set to go on, my stomach suddenly dropped and my anxiety went through the roof. Maybe it was the venue? Who knows, but I was as nervous as I am when I go on stage…I’m crazy.

10 Responses to Comic 964 – “Melodica”

  1. What Errol did with the melodica was technically insane, but I wasn’t worried because 1) he’s got both piano and woodwind experience, making the melodica a short learning curve, 2) we did practise in the park for a bit in the morning, and 3) I knew that though he was inevitably going to screw up, it wouldn’t matter and would just make the song funnier. Basically, he got the melodica part right once, then kept missing it because it came at the same time as his banter. That was about what I expected, and it worked fine.

    • Oh, I totally expected to miss it during banter times! I thought that would make up for me not biting the mic and Kari. ^_^

  2. have shapeways make you one of these and you can knit and play d&d at the same time.

    “you got your dice in my jacks!”
    “you got your jacks in my dice!”
    “LETS KNIT!!!”