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Comic 966 – “Exuberance”


Errol: A lot of things happened last night, which was when I did this comic. We had a provincial election and so facebook was all a stir with politics and such.

Then I started talking to Kari because I finished reading her comic, It Never Rains, and I was just happy for some reason … and thus, the above comic.

3 Responses to Comic 966 – “Exuberance”

  1. Wow…that’s basically copied and pasted from Google Talk.

    Further note: he never actually went beyond “I read your comic.” He didn’t say WHICH comic or how much of it. I had no idea if what he meant was “I read the single comic you put up just now” (which was my first assumption), “I read the bricky extra comic I was going on about this morning,” “I read the entirety of It Never Rains,” “I read the entirety of West of Bathurst,” or “I put you in a comic, then read it.” There was no context and no follow up. This is not atypical of conversations with Errol.

  2. yes it is like a man sized puppy running around losing his train of though at every random thing that pops into his head. I wonder if you throw an wrapped up video game by him will he squeal and chase after it?