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Comic 975 – “Escape It!”


Errol: I got a chance to try one of those real life Escape the Room games with ESC-IT.CA and it was a crazy amount of fun!

The room we chose was completely dark and we had to use flashlights! That was awesome! Except my flashlight started to die but that’s ok, it added more to the ambience!

And you get 45 minutes to solve it! There’s a clock in the room which counts down how much time you had.

Every time we solved on part of the puzzle, there was such satisfaction! Near the end, we solved a puzzle and we all cheered because it was getting so close to the end. Hah!

In the end, however, we failed! We had missed a locked box, and so we were stuck for almost 15 minutes. It was sad, because had we not missed it, we would have possibly solved it! So, as a hint to those of you that want to try it out, EXPLORE EVERYWHERE! It’s one room, not that hard.

As soon as we were done, we booked again because we wanted to try more! The only problem? I can never do that room again because I know the solution! Sad sad!

Anyway, I can’t wait to go back and try! If you have such a thing in your city, check it out! ^_^

4 Responses to Comic 975 – “Escape It!”

  1. Sorry, gotta side with the women…who in their insane mind would be locked in a room with you? the Joker? actually that combo sounds perfect

  2. Actually Errol is the perfect person to bring to an Escape It challenge. His very presence will help by increasing the urgency find a way out. Especially if he ate ice cream beforehand. 😉