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Comic 1003 – “Sailor Manda”


Errol: It’s hilarious how much Manpans rants over this! ^_^

Manda: Okay…don’t get me wrong…I have been LOVING these puzzles. They have been soothing the adventure gamer in me. But even Myst puzzles are frustrating, and I will  yell at the screen while trying to solve them. Except I’m in an office. Where I can’t talk. And while I am an analytical thinker and not an idiot, when I don’t actually KNOW anything about Boolean or Binary or programming, it makes it a lot harder and a lot more deflating. Especially when a lot of the explanations online are overly complex. And ESPECIALLY when there are MULTIPLE BINARY PUZZLES…ahem….So I had 8 hours of pent up frustration and for an hour after work I vented at Errol about the insanity about allllllll of the trouble I went through with these things….I’m ranting again, aren’t I? Oh bother.


7 Responses to Comic 1003 – “Sailor Manda”

  1. Puzzle hunts will need more of a humanities input in future Errol, because some of us only know computer science, etc. from the outside looking in.

    • Click on the Puzzle Hunt … and then when you click through on the first puzzle, make sure that you click the actual Article! (I hope that makes sense…)

  2. When I read the title my mind immediately went to Sailor Moon and wondered what Manda was doing that was like Sailor Moon.