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Comic 1002 – “Puzzle Reception”


Errol: I’m not making any new friends with this Puzzle Hunt. That’s for sure. But we sure got a lot of views on this site. Wow.

21 Responses to Comic 1002 – “Puzzle Reception”

  1. Yeah. I hate your guts right now, Errol, but in a “I-can’t-figure-out-this-puzzle-and-I-want-to-pull-my-remaining-hairs-out-of-my-beard” kind of way and not in the “I-reallly-want-to-kill-you-hard” kind of way.

  2. I don’t hate you! I had a lot of fun working on those puzzles last night with my husband. He was having so much fun, he wouldn’t go to bed until after 2, even though he has to get up by 7:30 in the mornings. He may hate you now though…

  3. So I clicked on the 2nd puzzle and searched everywhere for a clue to the third, and that included a trip to Egypt where I dug up the Well of Souls and the Staff of Ra pointed the sunbeam in the direction of America where I stole the Declaration of Independence and read the back and I STILL DON’T SEE IT 🙁

  4. How many puzzles are there even? I’m stuck at level 9, with a deciphered message that won’t tell me how exactly I get to the password. Am I missing something?