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8 Responses to Comic 985 – “Warning”

    • Or J. K. Rowling. “In Book X, SIX CHARACTERS YOU KNOW AND LOVE ARE GOING TO DIE! If you acquire the book ahead of time and tell everyone who they are, I’LL SUE YOU!”

  1. I want you two to know I read every single comic, though I don’t comment on every single one.

    I’m supportive of this no matter what direction it goes.
    Serious is fine with me. 🙂

    • Ditto here on all counts- at least short of an IRL “Who shot Errol Elumir” arc… (spoiler alert, it couldn’t have been anyone we know because they don’t have guns- though all of them have motives)

      • Good old Canada, not so many guns. 🙂 And MP, you have been pre-warned of this one, I think, though it was a while ago. And we like our Errol!

    • There are actually a fair number of Canadians with guns. It’s just that the vast majority of them are hunting rifles. Given Errol’s aversion to nature I suspect he’s safe for that reason.

  2. You haven’t pointed out that a lot of us have archery equipment. Errol is only safe if he can run faster than it takes for me to…put my bow together, string it, notch an arrow and arc it properly to hit him. Wait…never mind.

    • Didn’t point it out because I didn’t know- because I’m somehow not omniscient.