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Comic 989 – “We Fight”


Debs: I know I shouldn’t say this, but my last line in this one makes me laugh. 😛 Okay, back to the serious thing. Errol and I are so opposite in a lot of ways, and that makes things really difficult sometimes. What doesn’t help too, is that a lot of our communication is over chat where we frequently misread each other. Again, see comic 986 for an explanation of this comic arc.

Errol: Yes, for those joining us for the first time, we’re not ending the band! So… uh… how are the rest of you?

6 Responses to Comic 989 – “We Fight”

  1. As useful and convenient as chatting can be, it’s true that a lot of misunderstandings between people occur on it. The facial expressions, gestures and vocal tones which are like 50% of communication don’t get through. Sincerity is misread as sarcasm, etc. And as such I’m not a fan of discussing serious stuff via chatting or texting. I’m glad you guys have been commuting together recently and I hope that has provided an extra chance to discuss band matters face to face.

    • Oh… we had a long talk after the first initial ‘comic’. We talked a lot… and discussed… and chatted…

      Bands are hard. ^_^