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Comic 988 – “Why?”


Debs: Yes, we’re actually going to add the disclaimer that the band isn’t ending to every comic in this arc. Please check Comic 986 for an explanation of why we’ve gone uber serious for a bit.

Errol: This was hard. How do you tell someone this?

Debs: It was hard, but saying it was a good thing. Still, I don’t think this was news to me, and I certainly find it hard to work with Errol too, a lot of the time.

Errol: I don’t think anyone is questioning the difficulty of working with me. ^_^

2 Responses to Comic 988 – “Why?”

  1. So, just to reiterate, this is a FICTIONAL character arc, but based on real life, but fictional?


    • It’s fictional in that what you read is more paraphrased. The conversation is much longer than this. 🙂

      Other than that…. This was it. …