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Comic 998 – “I Will Miss The Band”


Errol: We’re in Hamilton at ConBravo! today! I sure hope we can get all the stuff done we need to do before the 1000 comic hits.

10 Responses to Comic 998 – “I Will Miss The Band”

  1. This genuinely made me sad. I know it’s really hard to talk about this situation, and it’s been hard for probably most people (or maybe just me) to take in the situation. Fake or not, this arc has been something emotional alright.

    I want to see this therapist session play out now.

    • * Laughs * My therapist would probably get a kick out of being a comic book character but I don’t think she’ll make an appearance – that would be a little too much for me! Big, big hugs Meli. <3

    • I think it’s been hard for a few people, Meli. ^_^

      And it’s not fake!

      Gosh, if I wanted to make it fake, I would make us superheroes. ^_^

  2. Wow, seeing Errol’s tears almost made me cry myself. It’s been said over and over again, but you are amazing, sharing those emotional moments publicly.

    • Oh my goodness. I didn’t even see Errol’s tears until you just said that. Now I’m emotional too!

      And it means a lot to hear you say that. It really, really does.

      • It’s always the small, hardly seen tears that bear the greatest emotions … I wish you guys all the best that those ones stay rare!

      • Hi Errol, I am Flo! 🙂

        We’ve never met in person (at least as far as I remember, that is), but actually you once responded to a comment of mine on a NaNoToon. I don’t know if that counts. 😀

      • It’s hard to find something you don’t even know it exists. Not so long ago I didn’t even know that “Geek Bands” are a thing. ^.^

        But as usual it is NaNoWriMo that connects us all!