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Comic 999 – “A Break?”


Errol: First off, I’m sorry about not having a proper blurb on Saturday. Hah! I had one written out, and for some reason, didn’t post it. Silly me.

Debs booking the therapist shocked me. I didn’t expect that. It really touched me. It… really did. 

Debs: It can be so incredibly hard to get moving on things. So while I had been circling the idea of finding a therapist, I hadn’t actually brought myself around to actually doing it…until I was faced with losing something that I really, really cared about. It was the kick that I needed.  So thank you for that, Errol. I’m grateful.

3 Responses to Comic 999 – “A Break?”

  1. Debs’ comment in today’s comic touches upon something important and true in that sometimes losing something or the prospect of losing something is just the kick we need to put something into action. Ideally, it wouldn’t have to be this way but life just throws too many distractions at us so sometimes a crisis can be a blessing for this reason.

  2. I was in the same boat as Debs, wanting to do something about my depression and my weight and my general health for a long time, but always found an excuse not to, or to put it off until later. So I can sympathize with her when it took something shocking to scare me into action after realizing that dragging my heals could jeopardize things I loved and was taking for granted.

    I would like to say I am out of the woods and better, but I am on the road which is a far stride from where I was the last few years. It’s a slow process but I am taking steps as I can.