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D&E Puzzle Hunt!


Debs & Errol have something special for you to commemorate our 1000 comic, and also to give you a break from all the drama that has occurred in the last two weeks.

We have created a puzzle hunt.

That’s right, we have a series of puzzles and trivia questions that we want you to answer. The people who win will get a special prize at the end!

Commenting has also been turned on, so remember to leave a comment to prove to those that come after you that you solved it first!

So, without further ado, here’s the first clue.

A quest for riddles! A jolly hunt!
We cannot contain our delight!
We’ll make the first one easy,
It only involves our site.

It doesn’t require scrolling through pages
There’s no need to inspect our art.
A simple search is all you need. Just look for
“where to start”


Edit: Btw, if you need hints, Jules is offering to help out! There is an awesome article about this hunt on Geeky Pleasures!

9 Responses to D&E Puzzle Hunt!

  1. I tried to post on the second puzzle page but it didn’t go through. Can’t find the third one. It’s probably something easy but so far everything I tried hasn’t worked. I hope I’m at least at the right area for the answer. XDD

  2. Still trying to figure out the password to unlock the fifth puzzle… but a warning to others, they are Case-Sensitive!