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Comic 1031 – “Press Start 2 Play Times!”


E: Tonight! Tonight is the Listening Party with Press Start 2 Play!

These folks are awesome, and so are The Blast Processors! So if you are in Toronto, come check it out. We’ll be playing Kari‘s Trekless song and hopefully we won’t destroy it!

Debs: Haha, I think it’s pretty much a given that we’ll destroy it. I know! We should play nothing but that song for our entire set!

3 Responses to Comic 1031 – “Press Start 2 Play Times!”

  1. Re. the alt-text: It took me months to memorise that song properly. I shall claim this is because I had to memorise all of it, not just half, but this is probably just to cover up my wounded pride. *Slinks sadly away*

  2. This song has solidified that I wish I’d chosen Star Trek over StarWars when you asked my biggest fandom and surprised me with an appearance in the comic. And I know this is just a silly strip character and I rarely appear anyway and it doesn’t really matter, but it’s ME! on there. And I definitely have switched camps since my teen years. I’m firmly in the trek camp now and I should have an Enterprise on my shirt 😉

    BTW awesome song Kari! A D&E cover of this will work great on so many levels!