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Comic 1032 – “Anthropomorphism”


Errol: We had a GREAT show last night with Press Start 2 Play and The Blast Processors. I love playing with geek bands! ^_^

And yes, this conversation happened. Debs is worried Jake thinks she’s weird. I don’t know why she’s not worried _I_ think she’s weird. Oh well.

5 Responses to Comic 1032 – “Anthropomorphism”

  1. This conversation did, in fact, happen…in a cab. I bounced back and forth between wishing the cabbie would stop texting while he drove and wondering what on earth he thought that conversation was about.

  2. Grated Cheese! … errrr Grats on the show! (Sorry, flashed back into WoW …)

    There’s actually a point that Errol thinks Debs is weird?!?