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Comic 1037 – “My Collection”


Errol: Yes, we are trying to get a print version of our comics out. I’ve been reformatting them to print out in 300 dpi, and in order to get more comics per page, I’m also changing the format of the panels. This is taking me a long time.

And we also launched to encompass all of nerd bandom. I’m so tired.

3 Responses to Comic 1037 – “My Collection”

  1. Just finished catching up with the comic after being largely without internet since the start of June. Sounds like you guys have had a busy summer! I’m glad you decided not to end the band, and good luck with all the stuff you have lined up.

      • I spent 2 and a half months working at a summer camp in Wisconsin with very limited time to use the wifi (and a 10 minute walk there and back to reach it), then 2 weeks travelling in the western USA with internet only via free hotel wifi on my mobile in the evenings (no data in the USA as my contract is based in the UK). Given the amount of time it took to load pages I stuck to checking in briefly on facebook and checking my emails, so I missed out on all the other things I usually do on the internet. I got back home earlier today and I’m enjoying catching up with all the things I missed! Looking forward to seeing the first few episodes of the new series of Doctor Who once I’ve had a sleep and can appreciate it properly 🙂