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Comic 1038 – “WoB Kickstarter!”


Errol: You know, I never really care about being first. But then I saw Kari’s tweet, and I immediately had to see if I could be first! And I was, by ONE MINUTE! Talk about a close race with someone who didn’t know she was being raced.

If you are a fan of Kari and West of Bathurst, you have to check out her kickstarter! ^_^

Debs:’s hard not having social media at work. I was all “woot can I be third?” But no. 😛 Not even close.

2 Responses to Comic 1038 – “WoB Kickstarter!”

  1. Thanks for the support, guys. You’re awesome. And yes, I think Errol was first by about thirty seconds, if that. The first message he sent me was not “Congratulations on the live Kickstarter” but (and I quote): “BLARGH! I WANTED TO BE FIRST!!! BLARGH. I should have donated THEN tweeted. *Sigh*.” When I told him he was actually first, he replied, “HUZZZAH I’M FIRST I’M FIRST! TAKE THAT, AMY!” Gracious in victory…that’s our Errol.