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Comic 1039 – “Intro to Community”


Errol: I know what type of shows my sister would like. I knew she would like Densha Otoko. I knew she would like Sherlock. But I didn’t know she would turn it into a creepy Benedict obsession.

And now, she has latched on to Community.

Sometimes I wonder if she works or not.

3 Responses to Comic 1039 – “Intro to Community”

  1. I must object to several points to maintain the integrity of these comics.

    1. I’m not “starting” on Season 2. I finished Season 3.
    2. I don’t neglect my daughter. She’s asleep when I watch it on my phone late at night in my closet. See, I’m not creepy.
    3. Benedict…. sigh.
    4. No, I don’t work worth a Chang.

    • Leezet… this is a FEW days back still! Imagine back to the day when I first told you about Community, and then the next day you had watched 19 episodes.