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Comic 1069 – “Mass Effect”


Errol: I had so many plans this week. And all of it waylaid because of sickness. I sure did get a lot of fun game times with Mass Effect at least. So many side missions. I think I spent most of my time filling up my Codex. I did spent time just resting on the couch waiting for things to load. Those were nice reprieves. ^_^

5 Responses to Comic 1069 – “Mass Effect”

  1. I can testify that I did roughly the same thing while playing Destiny on the PS4. But I didn’t nap at all. I just coughed like a freak show.

      • I was sick for two weeks. Started with a sore throat. Then the dripping nose. Then the coughing. The coughing is STILL hanging on into almost the 4th week. It’s not keeping me up at night or anything…so, that’s a plus. 🙂

  2. btw – I still read every single comment, though I don’t comment on too many. I’m here. Floating in the ethernet.