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Comic 1073 – “Skillsets”


Errol: We wrote a song last night! Huzzah! Hopefully we will have it practiced well enough for this Sunday at Monkeyman’s Sidekicks and Secret Identities.

I always have this discussion with Debs. I don’t think she believes me, but I think when it comes to writing melodies, she has a much easier time than I do. I can rarely hear melodies like she can. But when it comes to lyrics, I can spit them out in half an hour. ^_^

Debs: While I agonize…and agonize over lyrics. But yeah, last night was fun and productive! The music didn’t fully write itself there were definitely parts of the chorus it that were like, “Hi! You are reading me for the first time and this is how I go.” That was very encouraging 🙂

6 Responses to Comic 1073 – “Skillsets”

  1. You may each be good at both, but clearly each of you is better at one than the other- and hooray for more song writing…

    • I concur. And for some reason, the menu bar at the top no longer allows me to comment and I have to do it from the webpage. That probably doesn’t make sense, but it was a time saver for commenting.

      • I can only do that for sites hosted on in my experience- but depending on when you first noticed this, it might not explain your problems.

  2. Easier does not equal better.

    It may be easier for you to write lyrics, but if you say that you are better at lyrics then you are saying that the songs where you wrote the music are not as good as the songs where you didn’t.

    Sometimes people can achieve amazing results working hard on things that do not come naturally to them. It may take more hard work and time for Debs to write lyrics than you, but that doesn’t mean that your lyrics are better.

    • True, I agree with that.

      Although there are far more nuances to it than ‘easier’. 😀

      In fact, when it comes to writing normal lyrics (lyrics about emo things) I’m sure Debs would be far better at lyrics as well. ^_^

      However, when it comes to writing comedic lyrics, then I consider myself better.

      I don’t want to shy away from the fact that it’s OK to be better at something than another person. Debs is far better than me at a whole host of things. I am far better at social media than she will ever be.

      It’s ok to have different skillsets. ^_^