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Comic 1085 – “Geek Heart”


Errol: For those that don’t know, a white border indicates an arc that is occurring in the past. Today starts off our trip to OVFF.

And no one has stated whether or not they wish to do submission comics!

5 Responses to Comic 1085 – “Geek Heart”

  1. -crawls out of the abyss-
    I’ll write a guest comic! I figure it’s the least I can do, since I tend to disappear for months at a time sometimes anyways.

  2. I have similar conversations with my parents and even to a lesser degree with my sisters. We tried to explain filk to my dad twice before and after we went to OVFF. Then we found out that he actually knows of a filker, and even has at least one CD of his. I’m not really sure if that cleared it up for him or not.