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Comic 1087 – “Airport Hugs”


Errol: So many things happening! NaNoWriMo started today. I’m desperately trying to get NaNoToons done. And now, we have this OVFF arc to do! But then, we’re off to Night of Writing Dangerously. And…I have a novel to write. Heh.

And you! You have to get your submissions in please! I’ve heard a lot of interest so that’s AWESOME! I don’t care if you can’t draw. You did see Debs and paint, right? ^_^ We love Debs.

Debs: Thanks for that, Errol! 😛 Dave Clement was the guest of honour at this year’s OVFF and I got so excited when we saw him at our gate at the airport 🙂 When I first met him – at FKO a few years ago, I believe – I very quickly learned that he is the best hugger in the entire world. I’m sorry everyone who has ever hugged me (and some of you do come close) – but I stand firm here. Dave just knows, * knows * hugs and learns people through hugs, I think. This really, really authentic and deep connection happens where pretty much nothing else exists in the entire world and you lose track of time and space. And then you’re realize you’ve been standing there for ten minutes and are all,”Convention? What convention?” I feel pretty lucky that I get to see him as much as I do, seeing that he lives in Winnipeg. Such is the magic of filk. 🙂

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