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Comic 1088 – “Roommate Failures”


Errol: Alllooo! It was a busy weekend for me this past weekend. Wow. I finished Kari’s comic for her anthology. I finished a week’s worth of NaNoToons. I did just one comic for D&E and I wrote 5k for NaNoWriMo.

I am crazy exhausted even though I didn’t do much but sit at the computer for most of my weekend.

Anyway, I tell all of this to you because I may as well announce that I am taking a comic hiatus off in December. That’s right. This comic hasn’t seen a month off, has it? Well, it will in December! Please sign up for our newsletter because we will inform you when the comic is comic back on!

It’s going to be weird. ^_^

Debs: Yeah, it will be weird.Everyone needs a break though, and I’m proud of you for finally taking some time off, Errol. 🙂

5 Responses to Comic 1088 – “Roommate Failures”

  1. I’m sure it must have been difficult to take a break after doing this so long. The fact that you are means you obviously needed it, and probably have for a while. It’s good you were able to push yourself to do that.

  2. i figured i’d finally sign up XD. i’ve read through EVERY comic! HA. it only took me… i think a couple weeks? maybe a little more?

      • that seems to happen to me a lot, actually XD. i catch up on a show, and the season is over, i catch up in a comic and it’s either totally over or taking a break. but i don’t mind!