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Guest Comic 1100 – Leezet

Errol: I like Leezet’s MSPaint skills. ^_^ She seems to know the template on how to tease Manpans in this comic… (And for those that don’t know, Leezet is my seestair.

Manda: Fun fact: that is an actual quote from me to Errol and Lizette about Pixar movies. That was also the expression on my face. It amuses me greatly that Lizette remembered it. I also adore Lizette’s MS Paint job. And her knowledge of Errol Teasing Templates.

LIZETTE: Yes, you did give me proper templates…. but seriously… templates?


5 Responses to Guest Comic 1100 – Leezet

  1. So here’s a fun little tidbit about life in my house– my husband tends to watch animated movies before I get a chance to, and he figures out exactly which parts will make me cry, because he’s awesome like that, and then when we get to watch it together he sits back to enjoy the show without giving me any warning, because he’s a jerk like that.

    Up was the worst, though, but I will say to his credit that if he had warned me about the first five minutes I never would have watched it, and that would have been a pity. At least he had the hankies at the ready for that one.