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Guest Comic 1100 – Nancy

E: The next comic has four comics from our friend, Nancy! If you are seeing it from the front page, click through to see all of them. I shall quote what she wrote me:

“BTW, aside from being a Luddite, the fact that your comic is family-friendly made me think I could try this format: it contains no graphic material!”

Btw, these comcis are helping me a lot. I’m still quite exhausted from the weekend. So thank you!





3 Responses to Guest Comic 1100 – Nancy

  1. Brilliant!

    That reminds me of my term abroad in Sweden: There were three Sara(h)s – the German Sara, the Swedish Sara, and the Italian Sara. Luckily, they didn’t opt for an alternative name.

  2. I read the final panel of the Darth Vader one first, and totally thought it was going to be a Phantom of the Opera joke. Errol, I am your angel of NaNo! For some reason the hiss didn’t tip me off…