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[Parody] – “First Page of My Story”

“Okay fine.  I’ll sing it, but I am not, NOT wearing a crazy whatever the heck she is wearing.”

So Errol really wanted to do a parody of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” for NaNoWriMo.  He thought it would be a fail because he had never heard me sing with an edge like that and wasn’t sure I could.  Proof he never listens to my rock/metal collaborations with our friends Das Binky and Sapient.  It’s true that I don’t do it often though because it’s really hard on the voice and the abs too.  The silver lining there is that it means limited takes for me!

Look, the reason I didn’t expect you to do it was because you didn’t know the song! I, mean, I didn’t think you could get that edge either, but I didn’t want to force you to do a song that was my idea. But the more I thought about the song, and the more I listened to the words, the more I realized it would make a perfect parody.

The verses and lyrics did not have to be changed much to make it fit the theme of novel failing. When I write parodies, I want to make sure the rhyming scheme and the rhythm are as close to the original as possible.

Anyway, I sent the instrumental and the lyrics to Debs because she said she would give it a try. I had been rather… stressed lately. If you know me, I don’t get stressed. I don’t think Debs has ever seen me stressed, but it was a trying week for me. So she did this song to make me feel better.

And when I heard it, I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I tweeted about how awesome she was. I spammed her with chat for an hour because I was so happy with how it turned out. She’s the absolute best.

Doing a video that was mostly me and not Errol was a little weird.  Fun though.  I feel like I spent most of it flipping my hair but considering I made Errol wait half an hour while I straightened it, I think that’s okay 😀

*sigh* Ok for whom?

Sadly…this song is pretty much true.  I stopped writing my novel (not our joint one) right after the prologue because I had no idea where to go.  So maybe I’m at 3 pages.

Thanks, Debs. The song and video is awesome.

You guys may have noted that we didn’t put our names before the text. If you can’t tell that I’m blue and Debs is green by now, well, I guess you’re new. WELCOME TO OUR SITE! 😀

Here are the lyrics:


There ain’t no reason that inspiration is so low
To Write, yeah, baby! (To write, yeah, baby!)
And I got no reason that my progress goes so slow to write (to write)
I need a muse that takes me out when I’m withdrawn
To Write, yeah, baby! (To write, yeah, baby!)
Right on the edge of madness that’s where I belong to write

It’s hard to feel the rush, I’m filled with self disgust
I don’t know what to do, deadline’s overdue
Where is that flash of light from above?

I’m on the first page, of my story. And I should be on page 72
Only one page, of my story. And I haven’t figured what next to do
I’m on the first page, one page, one page, one page, just one, one page, one page
I’m on the first page, of my story. And I haven’t figured what next to do
I’ve got one page, I’m screwed.

Another shot before I toss this all outside
To Write, yeah, baby! (To write, yeah, baby!)
I’m on the edge of throwing in the towel. Oh to write.
(To write! To write!)
What can I say, but that I may be too afraid
To Write, yeah, baby! (To write, yeah, baby!)
It would be swell if everybody knew my name. Should write.
(Should write! Should write!)


9 Responses to [Parody] – “First Page of My Story”

  1. This song was awesome. I thought Debs did a great job of signing it. (I wish I were that talented.) I love the video and the fact that Errol is wearing a Debs shirt at the end. That made me chuckle.

    • Thanks, Emily! It was hard work, I’ll tell you that 🙂 We got shirts done with eachother’s names on them for Hallowe’en and I’m glad they’re still coming in handy!

  2. Hello^^
    i really liked it. This Parody totally get the feeling of not making any progress.^^
    (i know because i got my Laptop confiscated and cant finish anymore)
    I liked the tie after tie parody,too, but this is totally genial XD

    Many greetings Sakura Kuromi
    Ps. Sorry if my englsih is bad ^^°

    • No worries, I’m glad you liked it! Laptop got confiscated? That doesn’t sound good at all!

      Hope you are still able to write!

      • Thank you^^
        Im still at 5102 Words ^^°
        But i will try again next year. And will finsih my novel even if nanowrimo is done XD

        Many greetings Sakura Kuromi

  3. I love this song so much better than Lady Gaga’s version. So whenever I hear the original this one comes to mind and I replace the words 🙂

    • Thanks, Michaela!
      I was just singing it now when I went down into the far reaches of the basement to get the laundry. Now I completely cross the words. “I’m on the first page / the edge / the edge / the edge…! “